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Heart Disease Prevention Healthy Heart Summit

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Heart disease is the #1 cause of death for men and women. Yet, it is often addressed with stents and bypass surgeries that only treat the symptoms, not the causes.   WHY ATTEND? Dr. Steven Masley created the Healthy Heart Summit to dispel the myths and misinformation about the causes

Is Healthcare IT / Medical Device Conference On Your Schedule?

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HOT! Healthcare Event: June 26 at Georgia Tech in Atlanta If you can make it from noon to 5 pm Thursday Go NOW to http://healthcarepioneers.com/atlanta/ and Enter promotional code “sandranoble” for a 10% discount. (It may be too late. On June 26, price is supposed to jump from $99 to

Do You Have Prescription Drugs Laying Around Your House?

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Health Care Provider Public Service Announcement… One of the reasons for safety caps on Prescription Drugs is to prevent children from poisoning themselves. There are plenty of commonly used household products that have warnings about overdose or about contact with skin. Those things may be a necessary evil. But the

Is Health Care Legislation The Only Reason For Electronic Medical Records?

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Is Health Care Legislation The Only Reason For Electronic Medical Records? The health care legislation currently in the news is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “Obamacare“. This health care reform act has an individual health care insurance mandate and

Will healthcare Insurance Reimburse For Halloween Pumpkin Birth?

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Just a little levity for Halloween! Happy Halloween! Got questions? about the HITECH Act, Electronic Medical Records or the Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services (CMS) EHR incentive program? I invite you to claim access to an informative FREE Audio that will OPEN YOUR EYES! about Electronic Health Records    

Is Obamacare Shutdown In The Future For Your Medical Practice?

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Is Obamacare Shutdown In The Future For Your Medical Practice? Alert: webinar starting now! http://goo.gl/DHQM5S Today we are still in the midst of the Obamacare shutdown. Yes, Obamacare is the law of the land. And the sign up for Obamacare health plan via the health insurance exchanges has started. So that’s

Are Obamacare Health Care Reform Act Facts A Mystery to You?

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The new Health Care Reform Act (Affordable Care Act) enrollment is coming soon, so you may as well get Obamacare facts. Employers with more than 50 employees will have to offer an Obamacare health plan that is affordable. The infographic below gives  Health Care Reform Bill summary of information employers

Will Immigration Bill Mean A Healthier Prognosis For Obamacare?

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Will Immigration Bill Mean A Healthier Prognosis For Obamacare? Now that some of the natural disasters have abated, politicians, activists and the US Congress can focus on fighting about the Immigration Bill and illegal immigration. Although there are already laws on the books, the illegal immigrant problems in the United

Know A Dentist Who Wants To Increase Revenue And Save Money?

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Know Any Dentists Who Want To Increase Revenue And Save Money? If you’re a Dentist in Atlanta, Georgia, you’re in luck. An informative workshop on how to increase revenue and strategies for saving money will be held on Friday, June 7. You are invited to attend a breakfast seminar on

What’s The NFL Football News About Electronic Medical Records?

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Electronic medical records (EMR) software is probably the furthest things from your mind when you’re watching football. You’re concerned with the NFL scores and the players and your favorite teams. After all this is your leisure time. You want to forget about the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical