Is your Retirement Planning diseased?

Retirement PlanningIf you haven’t been paying attention to your retirement planning, it’s time to take it’s temperature. It’s probably sick.


Many physicians and health care providers have been wise about retirement planning. You’re probably one of them. Enlightened health care providers have been socking away money for years.

But with the economic problems in the United States, things have changed. There’s been a hiccup in retirement planning rules.

The blue chip stocks you used to count on are faltering. Investment funds have dwindled. Patients are postponing or cancelling health care treatments, so you’re impacted financially. Even if you  have homeostasis in your medical practice revenues, it’s more of a chore to keep them there.

The Great American Physician Survey 2011   results are in:

“Perhaps most alarmingly, more than 70% of physicians are making changes to their retirement plans, by working more years full- or part-time to make up for lost retirement savings.”

 Are you SHOCKED?


Health Care Providers Need A Healing!

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