Physicians Alert: Is The Cardiologist Lying About Heart Bypass Surgery?

The cardiologist recommends heart bypass surgery to treat heart disease when a coronary artery is blocked. If you’re not a cardiologist, you refer your cardiovascular disease patients over to the care of the cardiologist for medical treatment. heart bypass surgery

You trust the cardiologist for a solution to the patient’s heart disease symptoms that is effective and efficient and the least traumatic.

But Dr. Julian Whitaker claims cardiologists are scaring your patients into unnecessary heart bypass surgery. The need for heart bypass surgery is a LIE, because “bypass surgery has been shown NOT to prevent heart attack or death!”

Watch this video:

What’s the Heart Bypass Surgery alternative?

There’s a treatment called External Counter Pulsation (ECP) or RejuvaHeart™ Therapy External Counter Pulsation or Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP). It is a heart attack treatment and treats other cardiovascular disease as well. Some even go so far as to call External Counter Pulsation therapy a heart disease cure.

ECP treatments increase blood flow and oxygen. The result is that the body builds a natural bypass pathway around the blocked or clogged artery. It works!

Is Heart Bypass Surgery really unnecessary?

Since so few physicians have the External Counter Pulsation therapy equipment, patients often have no alternative to heart bypass surgery – unfortunately.

The External Counterpulsation process requires 7 weeks of therapy in the office of a medical doctor – any medical doctor. Since the patient must take these cardiovascular treatments five days a week, it needs to be conveniently located.

Access to ECP medical devices is limited, primarily due to lack of awareness. Surgery makes money, but so do the External Counter Pulsation therapy medical devices. Medicare and private insurance will pay for External Counter Pulsation treatments. On the other hand, cardiologists are have suffered from Medicare reimbursement cuts.

You can be the hero. Be the first in your area to offer this innovative treatment for heart disease. Find out how you can empower your patients to bypass heart bypass surgery.
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