Glossary of Health Care and Medical Terms

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Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC). The purpose of the RAC program is identify and correct Medicare overpayments and underpayments in the Medicare Fee-For-Service (FFS) Program

Redundant Array of Independent (or Inexpensive) Disks (RAID) is a category of disk drives that employ two or more drives in combination. RAID allows you to store the same data redundantly (in multiple paces) in a balanced ay to improve overall performance.

Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS )

Regional Extension Center (REC). RECs will support and serve health care providers to help them quickly become adept and meaningful users of electronic health records (EHRs). RECs are designed to make sure that primary care clinicians get the help they need to use EHRs.
Also see: GA-HITREC

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Also see: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, ARRA, HITECH Act, Stimulus Bill

see RMRS

The primary goal of the Regional Extension Centers is to help primary care physicians with the transition to electronic health record software.
Also see: GA-HITREC, REC

Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO) were local, neutral organizations bringing providers in a community together for the purposes of health information exchange (HIE) in order to improve quality
Also see: RHIO

Review of Systems / Symptoms. See ROS.

Rural Health Clinic (RHC). Providers who predominantly practiced in a RHC who seved needly patients can may qualify for the Medicaid electronic health record incentive payments.

Regional Health Information Exchanges

Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO)
Also see: Regional Health Information Organization

Reporting Hospital Quality Data for Annual Payment Update (RHQDAPU)

Record Locator Service - An index that lets clinicians find out where the patient information they seek is stored so that they can request it directly from its source. From the publication, The Connecting for Health Common Framework: Overview and Principles. for Health is a public-private collaborative of more than 100 organizations representing a diverse array of private, public, and not-for-profit groups.

The Regenstrief Medical Record System (RMRS) was developed in the 1970s. It was initially an outpatient system used in the diabetic clinic. Probably the first medical record system to include decision support functionality.


Review of Systems (or Symptoms) is a list of questions, arranged by organ system, designed to uncover dysfunction and disease. Review of Systems is a technique used by health-care providers for eliciting a history from a patient. Review of Systems is also called a Systems Enquiry or Systems Review


Rehabilitation psychiatric long-term care (hospital)

Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS)

Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)

Review Task Force (RTF)


The American Medical Association (AMA) Specialty Society Relative Value Scale Update Committee (RUC) makes annual recommendations regarding new and revised physician services to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and performs broad reviews of the RBRVS every five years.

Rules engine: A repository of business rules that drives the operation of a computer system.

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