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Dragon Naturally Speaking is a set of voice recognition software and speech recognition software products offered by Nuance.

When you call most businesses, you interface first with voice recognition and speech recognition software. At a minimum, you are asked to provide information to assist them in correctly routing your call. When you are given the option to speak your responses, then you are dealing with voice recognition software.

Voice recognition software or speech recognition software is capable of interpreting the words you speak and either typing the information or appropriately acting on your spoken words.

In business, there may be a need to quickly type some information. Voice recognition and speech recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking can be a good solution.

Dragon Naturally Speaking takes the place of a transcription service. You talk or dictate to your computer and your words are converted to text in a word processing or e-mail document.

There’s Dragon Naturally Speaking for PC and Dragon Naturally Speaking for the MAC. Regardless of your type of computer, there is a Dragon Naturally Speaking product for you.

Check out one of the Dragon Naturally Speaking products:

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