Glossary of Health Care and Medical Terms

In many cases,
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Data sharing agreement: An agreement between government agencies about the terms and conditions for exchanging data.

Documenting by exception


Department of Community Health (DCH) is the State of Ga's lead agency for health care planning and procurement


Direct Data Entry (DDE) access is needed to view these claims in FISS and to view the 201 report, which is only available electronically

Drug Enforcement Administration. Controlled Substances Act (CSA) mandates that the DEA establish a closed system of control for manufacturing, distributing, and dispensing controlled substances.

There are two types of denominators relative to the HITECH Act meaningful use reporting. a) denominator is based on patients seen or admitted during the EHR reporting period, whether or not their records are maintained using certified EHR technology and b) denominator is based on actions related to patients whose records are maintained using certified EHR technology,when the meaningful use measure is not relevant to all patients either due to limitations (e.g., recording tobacco use for all patients 13 and older) or because the action related to the meaningful use criteria is not relevant (e.g., transmitting prescriptions electronically)

For MIPPA e-prescribing program, denominator billing codes(s) represent the eligible encounter

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM). Standards for medical image exchange (similar to HL7).

DICOM Modality Work List

Doc-In-A-Box refers to free standing clinics that will see walk in patients.


Disproportionate patient percentage

Dr. House, from the TV show

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a set of voice recognition and speech recognition software products offered by Nuance.
Also see: Speech Recognition, Voice Recognition

Diagnosis Related Group. Diagnoses generally related to same part of body. See MS-DRG

Drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks. This meaningful use measure is met if the eligible provider, hospital or CAH (critical access hospital) has enabled this functionality for the entire EHR reporting period

Digital Subscriber Line

Dynamic forms or dynamic web sites: An approach that varies the form presented to the end-user based on information already provided by the end-user or other data.

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