I bet you’re saying “Show Me The Money!”

EHR Value Calculator

Here’s the link to your EHR Value Analysis spreadsheet.

Value Analysis Spreadsheet

But first some words of explanation

The EHR ROI spreadsheet contains three tabs at the bottom.

  • Employee Rate
  • Paper Labor Analysis
  • EMR vs Paper Analysis

Employee Rate
Probably the only thing that needs to be changed is the “average hourly labor rate” in the GREEN box.

Paper Labor Analysis
Click on the Paper Labor Analysis sheet
Add entries in the GREEN boxes.

EMR vs Paper Labor Analysis
Click on EMR vs Paper Labor Analysis tab.
View the cost savings assessment and ROI caclulations.
See How Much Money You Save with a certified
Electronic Health Record System

Most providers Save More Money in one year,
Than It Costs to implement the EHR system!

And that’s without considering the government / CMS incentive money.

What are you waiting for?

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